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About QuestBoard

QuestBoard provides a way for you to organize board game events, meet fellow board gamers, and track your board game statistics/history through your very own customizable character, complete with a leveling system. The more quests (board game events) that you join and complete, the more experience you earn and the higher your level becomes. Not only can you compete while playing the board game, you can also compete with others through QuestBoard by attaining levels, items, and achievements for your character!

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Happening quests

Nov 30


Pokémon Trading Card Game Meguro City, Japan
Hello Rewards
Exp 10
Coin 8

Apr 10


Monopoly Deal Card Game Toshima, Japan
Game Night Rewards
Exp 14
Coin 17

Aug 24


Pokémon Trading Card Game Chiyoda, Japan
Pokemon Rewards
Exp 10
Coin 8